Top Tips for Photographers on Model Shoot

Top Tips for Photography on Model ShootYou did all the leg work and finally got a “model”, makeup artist, and hair stylist confirmed for a TF/TFP photo shoot; or maybe just a “model”. Whether in studio or on-location, here are some tips to ensure a successful model shoot.

1. Prep/Preparation
Are you media cards formatted? Batteries full charged? Lens cleaned? Bag organized? Lights secured? Studio cleaned? Location secure?

These are just a few things to think about a few days or the day before a shoot. If the shoot is scheduled in the evening, then you have a little more time to prep. Just don’t be a goof and wait til the last minute. You look unprofessional and mostly like a buffoon scrambling for something during a photo shoot.

2. Music
Play some music. Unless you’re also a comedian or Jonathan Goldsmith, silence can quickly turn your shoot into an awkward SNL skit. Plus, music will help loosen up the team. For on-locations shoots, it’s recommended to use a bluetooth speaker, like the Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, that’s synced to your phone. Don’t forget to install Pandora or Spotify. “Today’s Hits” is a good radio choice.

3. K.I.S.S – Keep It Simple Stupid
The photoshoot is TF/TFP. Unless it was planned to be a specific way, then keep it simple. (By the way, if it was that elaborate, you should have charged). Meaning, keep your lighting simple. Two lights max. Most likely you will be shooting without an assistant. Do you want to spend your time fiddling with a 3 or 4 lighting setup or shooting?